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11060303_10205166425579020_4904289119106112675_nI put ten years into writing Cobwebbed Eyes reason being is because I wanted the content to remain significant for decades to come. I’ve lived and traveled in many different states from Tacoma to Atlanta, from DC to Minneapolis,  from Charlotte, to LA and San Diego. There was one common thread of reality that tormented me throughout these city streets; how my black folks were living and are mistreated,  targeted by the police.

Because of my upbringing i was taught not to just live, but to live with a purpose. My purpose has remained the same and that is to educate my people on ways to empower each other, and to change the way African Americans are portrayed in the media. I  wanted this particular book to encompasses what I’ve learned from professors, street hood figuz, my Ghetto Angels, aunts, uncles, my parents, my sister and big homies whom protected me and taught me how to survive and fight through set backs and turmoil.

I was taught how to make toilet paper out of news paper, I was taught how to respond to an officers request.  I was taught how to fry chicken,  how to set goals,  how to approach a person high on pcp, how to mind my business,  how to look for a job, how to dress for an interview,  what not to do when approached by waring gangs l or bullies, how to tell if your women is on drugs or is cheating on you.

But the most important lesson I learned from one of my Ghetto Angels is the importance of trusting in God. After experiencing what each character from my book accomplishes after overcoming adversity those who you know that are still struggling will be inspired, uplifted and on their way moving forward towards upward mobility. A spiritual uprising will take place from within their soul. It’s because I shed light on reasons why we struggle,  why our communities are flooded with drugs and gangs, why we think pimping and selling drugs will lead you to higher hood status. My  Cobwebbed Eyes and Ghetto Angels are raw, rugged.

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For those in Helping Professions:

I encourage representatives from your agency to order these books, for the purpose of educating individuals struggling to do right and continue to run into obstacles. I would like to have an open discussion with your consumers, in an attempt to develop ideas that can lead to eliminating the mistreatment of African American men throughout cities and small towns.

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