About the Books: Cobwebbed Eyes and Ghetto Angels

“The eradication of all black men throughout our cities and schools falls under the authority of local governments and local police departments. In order to show how these entities are working together to remove all black men from the family, I had to illustrate throughout both of my books (by way of old fashion story telling), the correlation between the dissimulation of negative images of African American men in the media, with, the unlivable and hostile living conditions found throughout cities and small towns of ghetto America.

Within the pages of my books, I focus on the suppression of the black man through the eyes of fictional characters to show how the community by way of substance abuse and gang violence are conjoined to create a cesspool of self-segregation and low self-esteem: Spearheaded by the local government and manned by local police departments. All entities working together to destroy the image of African American men.

I give you, Cobwebbed Eyes and Ghetto Angels

– Robert H. Young, Jr.

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