Cobwebbed Eyes

412G6yo55RLCeeze Green pops the question to his fiancé Paulette Jenkins just days after she was released from drug rehabilitation. On the eve of their engagement Paulette is murdered and their daughter is kidnapped. The very next day Ceeze is accused of the murder and abduction. The entire community blamed Ceeze for committing these violent crimes, solely based on his previous gang involvement and criminal background.

During such time, a crack head neighbor befriends Ceeze by allowing him to hide out in her apartment used for turning tricks. The crack house is located just across the street from Ceeze’s apartment. Ceeze is forced to watch his entire life play out both on TV and across the street as members of the local police department ransacks his building in search of the murder weapon.

In an attempt to take the attention off of the recent allegations of infidelity and domestic violence, the Chief of police turned to his media sources to dissimulate half-truths about Ceeze’s criminal history and gang affiliation. Because of the Chief’s swift unlawful tactics used to paint Ceeze as the villain, he becomes an outcaste from the very same neighborhood that he claimed as his hood.

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