Ghetto Angels

41ofm-ClivLB-down Blaquemen, a college student attending the University of Washington, is from an impoverished community called the Ridgetop just 30 miles south of Seattle. Brandon is fed up with the atrocities affecting his community and joins a coalition dedicated to positive change in the black community.

Atop of his list of atrocities are police brutality and media propaganda. On the eve of the acquittal of five police officers accused for beating a black man during a routine traffic stop, his best friend Anthony Johnson is murdered, shot dead by a member of the largest gang in the city; the Ridgetop Police Department.

The story takes a dramatic turn when the officer of the accused meets the brother of the victim during check in at the coalition. While coalition members are introducing themselves, a full-fledged riot is taking place just feet from the coalition’s front door. A member of the police department is shot as B-down and other coalition member’s watch through the front office windows. It was at this point when coalition members; B-down and the Professor decide to help the injured officers.

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